Perfect Home Finder

Would you be interested in moving if I found you the absolutely perfect house at a screaming good deal?

If you’ve been even a little bit curious about possibly looking at homes, I can now get you access to the best houses, before they hit the internet and before there is a bidding war, which means you can get a great deal on pricing! (You make money when you buy)

So here’s the deal… I’m offering complete access at absolutely no charge so that you can go view houses that match EXACTLY what you are looking for in your next place. This gives all of my clients a huge advantage because you can see better homes at better prices. The best part is we can get access to these types of homes anywhere in the US! I’m sure you can imagine how many people will contact me, even to get their first investment property.

It’s pretty simple actually. You just call me up and tell me about the perfect house for you, then we get a handful of pre-market, unlisted homes that the sellers are willing to sell! There’s absolutely no obligation to ever make a move and if you enjoy looking at homes as much as me, it will be a lot of fun anyway!

I love helping my friends and clients. If you’d like to look at some super-secret new places, or if you know anyone that would, I’d greatly appreciate a three-minute phone call with you. I have access to private liquidations here locally as well as anywhere in the United States and I’d love to get you access to a few!

Areas We Cover